Friday, July 29, 2011

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It's almost August. Halfway through the summer already! Seems like June and July were a blur of activity and goings on. I usually dont have a lot planned in August. This year I really have nothing. Camps end next week...although youth football starts up. Hopefully that will be more fun than over drama. Maybe a trip out to the East End. Hopefully a lot of sitting by the pool, trips to the beach, friends over for dinner. Easy breezy summer stuff so I can feel like we relaxed a little before September crazy kicks in.

This morning I am sitting here quietly doing my PTA stuff. I am back to using my dining room table as my PTA desk, as I agreed to be PTA President again. I said I wouldn't. But I did. So now after all the teasing has subsided..."are you crazy?" "I thought you weren't going to do it again?" "better you than me" "I don't have time for that" etc... I'm ok with it. The first time I did it, (about 4 years ago) I was really nervous. I had no clue what I was doing, but I do pride myself in having half a brain so I managed to pull it off. Now that I have been around the block a few times, this time is really fine. Should I dare to even say easy? It's still a fair share of work, but I know what to worry about now and what not to. I know how to deal with people, nice or otherwise. I have great people to work with so it's going to be fine.

So while I have a quiet morning as my little one slept over his buddy's house...I will just sit here on this rainy summer morning and go through my mountains of paperwork, send out emails under my pseudo email name and get things done.
It's all good. And I still have the other half of summer to enjoy. (glass half FULL remember???)


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