Friday, July 8, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Sneeks up on ya....

I have been doing a good job lately (if I do say so myself) of blocking out the noise and taking cues from children (who behave better than the adults...really). I have been keeping the big picture in view and not sweating the small stuff.

After numerous conversations with mom friends over the local "politics" and general assessments of "adults behaving poorly" (which seems to be the topic of conversation a lot!) it leaves me spent.

So I was a little happy to end up changing my plans for the evening as a storm rolled in and plans of sitting on the beach had to be made for another night.

We decided on watching a movie, hubby smaller boy and I. One guess who got to pick the movie? Yeah well, Baby Geniuses would not have been my first pick. When I see a bespectacled, mousy brown Kim Cattrall as the "mom" I know it's not going to be good. But of course short people usually get their way.

I started to get a little cranky 'cause it was really dumb. Then hubby passed out and was snoring and "annoying" smaller boy. Then boy was starting to have a swimmer's ear issue needed some Advil and eardrops as soon as I got comfy for movie torture with my coffee on my lap. Grrr. The short of it is...both were out cold before the movie was over and I watched it alone. So I had to finish it cause I started it and now had to see how it ended. When it was over and I was officially grumpy for sitting and watching this dumb movie alone and realized it was Netflix and why didn't I just watch a good movie while they are sleeping....this Randy Travis song(he was in it too...along with Kathleen Turner, Dom DeLuise and others)came on with a recap of all the cute babies from the movie. (they were adorable so that's probably why I left it on) This is a link if you want to have a listen....Gift of Love

As I sat there in the dark, listening to the both guys softly snoring one in the recliner, the other sprawled out taking up the whole couch, listening to this song I had that feeling I was talking about the other day. Bliss. Nothing special going on. Just for a minute it washed over me...the guy I love snoring in his chair cause he has been working his ass off the last few weeks and can't even stay awake to watch his beloved Mets never mind a bunch of talking babies. My "baby" who even though he takes up the whole couch now still has his little baby face when he is sleeping. I thought I'm am lucky. I am grateful. Grateful that I have these waves of bliss roll over me at the damdest times. Lucky and grateful indeed.


Rosanne said...

I get that same feeling too sometimes. When everyone is here, sleeping in their own beds and it is finally quiet. Everyone is safe, secure and I am the only witness. Why do they have to be sleeping to get that feeling? Oh well, Ill take it.

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