Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Seize the moment...
I got to thinking one day about all those women on the Titanic
who passed up dessert that fateful night
in an effort to cut back
~Erma Bombeck

She always made me laugh that Erma. I wish she was still around saying funny things since now as a wife and a mom with some miles on her experience I can really appreciate her insightful humor. I know that quote really has a deeper meaning but since as of yesterday I am back on the diet wagon the whole dessert thing is really speaking to me.

I had to start back on the diet before a few weeks of partying, celebrating and fun have the pounds start creeping back on. (they creep back on so easily don't they? grrr!) But funny thing is I am not beating myself up over falling off the wagon this time. Besides I didn't fall off I knew the stop was coming and I jumped off knowingly.

I know in my life celebrations revolve around food. It's all I talk about leading up to the day. What food to make? What to have catered? Will it be enough? Do we have enough wine? Who's making dessert? Half my life is spent in my kitchen. Not only making dinner etc...but when we have company everyone is in the kitchen. All the time. We have even been known to move the kitchen table out to make room for dancing!

So yes, I know now as middle age has arrived (ew) I need to watch what I eat, move a little more and that's all there is to it. But life goes on. There's food all around me lots of it sometimes (!!) and I can indulge when I want. I can drink "summer beer" with my friends in the pool. I can have a cup of Auntie's rice pudding. I will always have half and half in my coffee (skim milk is nasty)

So even though yesterday I was a crank, cause I am back on the wagon, and Aunt Flo came a day early, Erma made me laugh. Today it's poached eggs for breakfast. No potatoes, no bacon. But I will have two slices of rye toast with them and my coffee how I like it. I will have breakfast with my friend, we will catch up, compare "notes" and I know she will make me laugh until I cry.

I am glad I ate, drank and was merry with my family and friends for days. I will remember to seize the moment again and again. Life is too short to always pass up dessert.


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