Monday, October 31, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Happy Halloween!!!

Jack O' Lanterns hanging on my porch

Happy Halloween! I can't even believe it's here already! I feel like I have just been talking about sitting by the pool!

I am happy though it's here. But I know since Christmas has made it's appearance in full force in the stores...Jingle Bells are not too far off now.

I like Halloween. We have always done it up like it's a holiday around here. Mike's not happy to have school today. He thinks he should have a day off. Apparently a school friend is allowed to stay home today. No dice here. What the heck is he gonna do here all day? No thanks off to school you go.

In a moment of crankiness, I had told my buddies I thought I would not have the usual after trick or treating "gathering" ( we don't say the P-word) this year. I needed a break. And for various other reasons I thought I would give it a rest this year. But then I started to feel bad and I knew by this afternoon I would not be happy. So I changed my mind. I am glad though that I did.

I feel a little off today since I don't have a jammed packed day of running to school for parties, coming up with amazing projects for the class or even making goodies to send to school. I am not the class mom this year (PTA President I thought maybe was enough to bite off this year, ya think??). I am not even sure what if anything they are doing in 4th grade this year. Apparently 4th grade may be too old for a Halloween party?? (for the record I think that's dumb)

So I feel like I should be doing something or like I am forgetting something. I am glad though I did save some of the good tricks in my bag like the witch fingers in the paper bag or the making of slime for the last few years of elementary school. At least I got to do them with the classes for my last hurrah. I am feeling like this year may be the last hurrah for a lot of things. Makes me a little sad.

But I will set up for my after trick or treating pals like I always do. I will make my Pumpkin Pull Apart cake as always (though my heart is not totally into that this year). We will trick or treat and eat candy til our teeth hurt. The sun is coming up now...looks like it will be a sunny (but chilly) Halloween.

I plan to enjoy every part of the day. I will go visit my favorite new baby who is having her first Halloween. Make my cupcakes, hand out candy and just have fun. Hope you do too.


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