Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Back in the groove

OK. Halloween done. Check. Three weeks until Thanksgiving? Yikes! Today it's time to un-Halloween the house. B-bye jack o'lanterns and witches...hello Pilgrims and turkeys.

Just a couple cranks for this morning...I had a running list of things I want to blog about on my iPhone. But like I had mentioned before it was starting to give me did...long story short lost all my stuff on my phone including my list. grrr....I think I had a longer crankier list...but these are two that I remember. No worries though I am sure I will remember more for another day or at the very least new ones will crop up! :)

1- Making lefts at red lights - We are at the red light. I am going straight. He is making a left. The light in the other direction turns yellow. He starts to creep...our light turns green and BAM! he guns it and makes the left before I can even get out of the gate. Really??? Why? Do you need to retake drivers ed? Somedays I think "go ahead jerk...hurry up I wouldn't want you to wait 5 seconds (literally) for me to go since I do have the right of way" Other days if it's particularly bugging me I think "oh hell no...and I take off when the light turns green and either "cut" (it's really not cutting I have the right of way remember?) him off or I go fast enough that he actually gets pissed that I am coming at him while he is turning in front of me. One day it happened to me 10 times! (yes I was counting). See how many times it happens to you..then you can be annoyed with me. You're welcome. I know people who drive on highways or commute to work have lots of driving issues. I mostly drive local which include lots of traffic lights, intersections and apparently idiots. Speaking of idiots...

2. People in a hurry - Hello? I am in a hurry too most times. Cram too many things into one day so I hurry. I get it. But I also realize that not every other person on the road is in a hurry too. And yes I have been known to fume at the person who is going 15 mph on Main Street in front of me when I have to get home for the bus. But when I slow down while making a left at an intersection (again the left but I waited for the oncoming traffic to pass thank you) to let a little old man with grocery bags cross since he was standing in the middle of the main street trying to finish crossing, cause apparently he couldn't make it all the way across the first time, DO NOT BEEP AT ME...!!! Are you serious? Again I'm in a hurry but not running so behind that I will make a speed bump out of the little old man. So just for good measure I waited for him to cross allllll the way to the sidewalk. I am nice like that. And had the beatch lady behind me pulled into the same shopping center I did after that there would have been a throw down in the parking lot. Seriously.

Good thing is I won't be on the road much pehaps I won't run into anyone I want to back over. On that note..have a happy day! :)

Jenn's two cents:  speaking of bad drivers...did you hear about the lady that parked in my pool? 


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