Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Ugh to that. Seriously. It's crazy to me how much my computer and my iPhone (which apparently my laptop has been canoodling with...since I think it's sick now too...grr!!) is part of my everyday. I got to my computer every morning with coffee to check my four+ email addresses..personal, PTA, etc..,update the blog, or go on Word to type up PTA letters, flyers or whatever ad nauseum. I charge my iPhone every night on my nightstand..horrors if I woke up to a dead phone in the morning.  I get about 100 texts a day now. From my kids (no you are not allowed to text in High School...ahem.), hubby, friends, PTA peeps (of course), sale alerts from my favorite's crazy. How did we live before? Be dammed if I can remember. I still cannot understand the person who won't give out their email address, like it's supposed to be a secret. Or who says " I don't use email.." What???? C'mon.

Technology is really great unless it either doesn't work, or it's used for the wrong reasons, hence why cyberbullying is an issue today. I think it has had a negative effect on kids in a way too. They don't know how to be kids the way we were. That's not to say they shouldn't have a cell phone (although the summer before 6th grade is the rule around her otherwise Mike would have been texting since 2nd grade if he had his way). It would have made many a situation easier for me had I had one as a teenager. But it kills me that they don't know what it means to go call for someone. We let Mike and his buddy from the block take a walk the other day...alone. Off the block. We said yes you can walk down Friend's block. "what if he is not out?" You can call for him we guess. "Call for him? Like stand out on the driveway and call his name???" Are they serious? They don't know what it means to call for your friend? I mean like "cold call" without texting or calling first?? Oh brother.

That's because today they have "playdates". Moms make arrangements for them. Mike called on the phone to have his friend come over the other day. He had a lovely conversation with his mother. He never talked to the friend. He asked if he could come over...firmed up the time and that it was OK with me...without ever talking to his friend. What are we their agents? "Well, friend let me check if Johnny is available today for a playdate...why yes he is...between 1-3...I will pencil you in...and let him know he will be coming over your house tomorrow." Give me a break.  The best was the other day when Mike said " Did you text friend's mom about him coming bowling?" Did I what??? Didn't you play with him at recess today?  "Yeah but I forgot to ask and I thought you were going to ask his mom!!!" That's when I realized this is all so stupid.

What happened to Johnny calling Friend's house and saying "Hi friend want to come over tomorrow?" God forbid we ask the same day....and didn't plan the "playdate" (ick I am really hating that word at this point) Then Friend can decide whether or not he wants to come over first of all and then HE can ask his mom. And no, Mom doesn't have to check first if its ok with me and should she send a snack over!!!! I don't remember ever having a snack at my friends house if I played after school. (Dinner was at 5:00...there was no snacking!)

So yes technology is marvelous and apparently I really can't function without it. But it definitely has taken some of the common sense for kids today out of the equation. Too bad. They don't know what they're missing.


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