Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Cara and I have both been having computer issues...

Mine just decides to shut down in the middle of something...I think it over heats - it is 6 years old and technology these days seems to be more of a throw-away than repair type deal. You spend $100 or more to get your laptop fixed or you can buy a new one for $400. I do have an ipad but it is not blogger friendly. Apples refusal to use flash technology makes somethings impossible to do on an ipad.

Sometimes I wonder just who is reading our blog... this morning on the today show there is a story about Cursive and it's role in the classroom. Didn't I just blog about that? In 44 states teaching cursive is optional! Although Lu fought me on the whole writing in cursive a few weeks ago when the teacher made it mandatory - she is over it and happily writing away. Fourth grade is agreeing with her ... or maybe it's just the teacher! A mom was complaining to me the other day about all the work her child has in fourth grade - so glad we don't have that teacher. Lu has a nice level of work and projects - so far nothing making either one of us crazy. Just the way it should be.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


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