Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Dear Mr. Jobs,

Thank you for making my life easier. I bought myself my first iPhone for my 42nd birthday and within a week didn't know how I ever lived with out it. I could take notes, keep contacts, run my schedule, shoot texts to my kids, take pictures, send e-mail, log onto Facebook, all from one device. I learned to play angry birds and doodle light and take the Dork test - those made the hours pass so quickly as I waited on line or sat the car waiting for kids.

This years birthday present was the iPad from which I now type. It allows me to watch TV in my kitchen while I'm cooking or pull up a recipe I can leave open on the counter and follow along. I can watch YouTube how to videos, share my schedule with my kids, watch a movie, read a book I borrowed from the library, do my banking, check up omy kids schoolwork, all of this on the go and fits in my handbag.

Your creative genius opened up technology to so many people...from major companies to this 44-year-old housewife. So thank you Steve Jobs for making my life easier as you fought for your own.


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