Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Santa already?

Yes. He was a topic of conversation at last night's dinner. Mike's always thinking ahead. When he was 3 and 4 he wanted to be 5. He thought being 5 was going to be something great. When he turned 5? Yeah, he wanted to be double digits. So conversation lately has been talk of how many days 'til Halloween and what day exactly is Thanksgiving? Doesn't band practice start this week?

So I shoudn't have been surprised when talk turned to things Christmas. First we had to talk about that shelf elf. He really thinks he should come the day after Thanksgiving like it does at his buddy's house. I disagree. I prefer the 12 days before Christmas and if Benjamin Sprinkles shows up before I have put away my turkeys I may drop kick him back to the North Pole. But then he said "oh and don't think I still believe in Santa 'cause I know he's not real". Hear that? Yep that would've been the pin dropping in the room.

Usually when this type of conversation pops up we are the car or getting tucked into bed. I can usually brush it off or skirt around it, too bad I can't say that for the other Santa's helpers in this house. No poker faces here. I know he noticed their reactions. We talked about it for a bit trying to get him to say why he thinks that. (One theory is he has asked for that $200 wrestling ring for his wrestling guys for 2 years and he never gets it...and when I say Santa doesn't think you need it...he says "that's not something Santa would say. Santa gives you what you want he doesn't care about what you need...moms do." Hrumph!!)

The conversation ended as quickly as it came up. I thought I may bring it up again at bedtime and get the conversation over with. But then he recited all the reasons why his life is great as I fluffed his pillows. (I need to take a lesson from him!!) Not the right time to lower the Santa boom.

I am pretty sure this conversation will be had before December 25th this year. I have mixed feeling about that. Mostly makes me sad. Partially makes me feel a little relieved. (all that sneaking around gives me stress) I know my husband has had a love hate thing with The Man for about 18 years now. He doesn't like that he gets all the credit for the good stuff and we give them pajamas.

I was not about to ruin the great life list right before bedtime. I was too tired to think of something wonderful to say while we had that conversation. I have to come up with something good and be ready.  He is a tough customer and I am going to have a lot of explaining to do. Maybe I will let Benjamin arrive a little early...since I think we are working on borrowed time this year.   


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