Friday, November 4, 2011

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TGIF. Time for mish mosh of thoughts to end the week...

It's baaaaaack....

yep. That time of year. One my my favorite folders. (and yes I have many thank you) No it's not too early. If I was skipping through the outside garden of the mall last night to "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" much to oldest son's chagrin (I believe he "tweeted" that his mom is nuts and is dancing to Christmas music three weeks before Thanksgiving.) then maybe not. And it may be slightly early for even me with the Christmas music but is kinda beginning to. And since I am not cooking for Thanksgiving, I can focus on other important issues like new bows for my windows and when we are going to cut our tree down. Yes, very important.

And speaking of the mall..I must give props to my retail experience last night.  I know I go on about gum chewing orangutans in my usual shopping excursions. As I had mentioned my iPhone, which I am now officially addicted to and apparently cannot live without (thanks Jenn) had been acting up.  After a week of horsing around I attempted three times yesterday to get it fixed. First to phone store. Nope, go to Apple Store he said. (in Guam may I add) Fine. I go. "Sure we can help you", said Apple Store computer geek..."make an appointment on this iPad, next available time is 6:oo tonight." (it was 11:00 am) Really? OK although annoyed but desperate really want my phone fixed I agree. Go back home from Guam...and return again at 6:00 pm.

Well I must say it had to be one of the most pleasant retail experiences I ever had. Nice girl(no orangutans here!) checked me in on her iPad. She listened to my tale of woe about my phone. She even felt a little sorry for me. Especially when she saw my connection wire, 'cause apparently it's an "old one".

Old? I got the phone in March. I sheepishly put my cord back in my purse, as she pulled a new and improved one out of her pocket. Embarrassing. Who knew I was walking around with an old iPhone cord?

Well after realizing my phone was in need of a technician, she parked me at a table and if I wanted I could play around with the Mac sitting there while I waited. (tempted to go on Facebook I resisted). Then technician boy came over, looked at my phone, tried syncing it, looked inside with a teeny tiny flashlight (say aaaah) and said "OK I am going to get you a brand new phone, be right back" And he did.

I left with a brand new phone all synced and shiny new. (Hence the skipping to Christmas music thereafter)

The store was an insane asylum. It was wall to wall customers  and just as many employees. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Met with pleasant eye contact and actually paid attention to, with "the customer is always right" air about them.

I will never own anything than an iPhone. Steve Jobs is smiling in heaven.

Happy weekend!!!


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