Saturday, November 5, 2011

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This has been an eventful week at my house... to put it mildly. 

On Halloween, a car crashed through my neighbors fence and into my pool - yep, they parked in my pool.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  My pool? It was a total loss.  It's 10 weeks old.  My kids went in it a few times, hubby and I have merely dipped a toe - we have not yet been in our pool.  Looks like we will never get a chance.  The pool will need to be dug out and replaced. So this Spring I will live through construction nightmare #2.  It was horrible the first time around... not happy about a do over.

The day after the car incident, my right eye blew up like a thanksgiving day balloon.  Swollen completely shut, I looked like a sick version of the elephant man.  I was a Halloween nightmare.  A trip to the doctor, a heavy duty antibiotic and a few days of rest and it is almost back to normal.  Some kind of bizarre infection in my eyelid - go figure.

Today I ventured up to Target to look for a very coveted Christmas gift that I have been chasing since September.  After 10 weeks of saying out of stock, this morning the web site read available at select stores - and one of our local stores happened to have it.  Or not, as it turns out because after throwing on any old thing and venturing out looking like a "return from the dead" type creature, I was told it was in the store - but unreachable.  There were 426 boxes that needed to be sorted to find my item. Target will not hold nor call you when item is placed on the shelf.  It is every crazy mom for herself. So did I not only venture out in public looking horrible - I ran into two moms I know who were dressed and made up and looking fabulous.  I hate that!  This is the part of Christmas I do not like.  Don't promote a toy and then not make it available. Don't make my daughter want something her mom can't find.  If you advertise it - or feature it is commercials than make sure it's in the stores dammit.  I really don't want to be that crazy mom anymore.  I really have to work on not leaving the house looking scary.

My hope is that next week is better - it has to be right?

Cara's two cents: It's gotta be right? Ugh. I did tell you had a weird feeling about Halloween this year...maybe I am a witch after all. And I looked in Target in BS this afternoon and did not see THE doll. I will keep looking...


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