Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Getting Organized

I used to be one of those uber-organized people.  Everything had a place and a place for everything type girls... then you have kids and it's a game changer.  You can still be organized, you just have to figure out new ways to control the clutter and hide the toys.  It's not always easy - especially when you are constantly on the run.

My kids are pretty much past toys now at 9, 13 & 15.  My 9-year-old still loves her barbies but she keeps them in her room and goes there to play.  Once in awhile she may bring them or another toy, downstairs to play but she always returns them to her room.  I have tried to make the first floor toy free. 

Paper free is another matter altogether.  I have an office on the third floor of  my house.  I don't visit it much because it's a hike and right now it's a disaster.  I haven't had the time to really get in there and get it the way I want it since it became my office in the spring.  I gave up my favorite room in the house - which was my office - to my older daughter for her room.  She didn't like the third floor and feeling bad, I agreed to the switch.  I regret it now. 

All the papers that come into this house boggle my mind.  Between school assignments, notes home, bills, advertisements, grocery store fliers and on and on.  I was taking all those papers and piling them on my kitchen table and usually at the end of the week I would throw some away and put others in another pile on my desk on the third floor where they are still sitting waiting for action.

The other day I stopped by my friend Ro's house to borrow something.  While we were chatting she pulled out this giant binder filled with folders - a folder for every kid.  Genius!  I have folders for all my kids - upstairs in my office - not readily available as needed.  This puts all the day-to-day stuff at your fingertips. 

Yesterday I went to staples and bought a two inch binder, a set of paper folders, a new set of sharpies (just cause I love them and they were on sale) and a pencil case to go in my binder.  In my binder I put 10 folders - one for each child (x3) one for bills, one for coupons, one for "to be filed", one for store flyers, one for recipes (i am always tearing out of magazines & newspapers), one for me and an empty one for something I haven't thought of yet. I also added envelopes, loose leaf and the sharpies in the pencil case.

All my kids projects and reports due and medical forms and class lists, right there at my fingertips in my kitchen.  No more piles - it comes into the house and goes into the folder. Brilliant. It's like having my office in a binder. No more trekking up to the third floor for the book report memo or class phone list. 

So thanks Ro for the tip - it's nice to learn a new trick every once in awhile.

Cara's two cents: Aaah folders...welcome to the dark side.


Rosanne said...

WOW!!! I am usually the one getting ideas/advice from you guys!!! You are welcome.

Jenn K said...

Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing- not up to the whole project thing, but I'm going to remember this:)

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