Friday, December 16, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Give yourself a gift

It's that time now every year when we take a blog break. We have a week now until Christmas, followed by a week of Christmas recovery...(after a few more visits from relatives the days following) then gearing up for the Rockin' Eve at my house. Sometimes you need to cut yourself some slack somewhere. Making our brains work overtime blogging while trying to tie up the loose ends of Christmas, is a place where we can cut ourselves come slack. So the next few weeks we will pop in, post some recycled posts from the past year that we think are worth rereading.

Take some time now over the next week to cut yourself some slack. Sitting by the tree with a cup of tea after the house is quiet for the night is OK. Go get your nails painted Christmas red. It's OK. Add something for you to the 300 pounds of shopping bags you're lugging through the mall. That's OK too. You get to enjoy the season too ya know? I know you make all the magic happen...make a little happen for yourself.

Thanks for coming by our blog to visit and listen to our two cents everyday. Merry Christmas!!!!!


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