Thursday, December 15, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a good great Mom this year. I have made sure everyone had clean clothes, showered daily  sometimes and even fed them a few meals.  I may have over-reacted a time or two but I under-reacted too. I let some things slide and others I had to hold people accountable for.  My children may not have agreed with everything I have done this year - but I think they will give me a high job performance rating.  I am not asking for much this year.  I would like:

1. Screens removed from windows, washed and put away (I have started this but haven't had time to finish.)
2. Windows washed.
3. Moldings and floors cleaned and steamed from top to bottom of the house.
4. Every room in the house neat and tidy. No undies, t-shirts or toys on the floor.
5. Every bed made, every shoe put away, every blanket folded.
6. Every bathroom cleaned and sanitized with new toothbrushes in the holders.

There is so much more I could add but I don't want to burden you Santa.  I don't want "stuff" Santa - you know how I feel about that.  No sweaters or slippers or pj's.  Diamonds are OK, gold too. What I really want is less.  Less mess, less stress, less stuff, less to do and more time - if you could add a few extra hours to the day that would be a big help.  Anything you can do to help a mother out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Santa for all your hard work in making so many children happy. Please send a little cheer my way this year!

Merry Christmas,


PS - maybe you could sweep the chimney on your way down - just a thought!

PPS - 9 days is just a little too soon - could you give me 12 days till Christmas? I need a few extra hours to finish it all up.


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