Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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How's that shopping going? Good here. Again less shopping stress this year. Not sure why. (Again that nagging feeling that I am forgetting something!!!!)

Maybe because I didn't have to hunt the world this year for THAT gift. I know a lot of my friends did. Seems every day someone is putting out the S.O.S to be on the lookout for something. Which happens to work very well...give a mom a task and you know it will get done...someone will come through.

Today I will wrap. I enjoy it so I make sure now it's done when I am not exhausted at 11:00 at night. I will play my Christmas music (although there's been nothing else playing in my house since Thanksgiving. It's a rule...did you not get the memo????) Do you like to wrap? I do. Wrapping the gift for me is half the fun of giving it. It's nice to receive a gift that looks like someone took the time to present (no pun intended) nicely. I have secret Santa wrapping paper that He wraps his gifts in. Even though we have all come over to the dark one sees their wrapping paper until Christmas morning.

So while there's still a few items on the wish lists that I need hubby's assistance to buy, and a secret Santa, or gift card to go pick up...things are moving along swimmingly. If all of a sudden I remember something there could be a whole different kind of post to follow. I wonder if they allow laptops in the looney bin??


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