Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: February?

"Cold, gray, wet, muddy mornings
make the shortest month seem the longest.
But lingering afternoons and pink sunsets hold out promise"

Ok, January? Check. Really? Flew by for me. Maybe that's because this year I chose to accept it (like I have a choice) I must admit though I did have a few days of Old Man Winter pinching me like he usually does in the winter. But this time I tried to remember some of my own advice...Vitamin D...sit outside in the sun when I can and with 50 degree January weather that was easy, take my vitamins, drink more coffee...focus on all the good...blah blah blah. Not always easy on a gray day.

But February is when you are still allowed to hibernate some. You can hunker down, stay under the covers a few more minutes. The next few months Spring will be on the verge of springing then we have to "come out"....back out in the yard, back on the sports fields, family events that start up again in the Spring.

Tomorrow is what is know as Candlemas Day. It marks the mid point of winter halfway between the shortest day and the Spring equinox. It also commemorates the 40 days after Jesus' birth when Mary brought him to the Temple. It gets pretty deep in religious beliefs or cultural folk lore. But I like the idea of marking the day with candles.

I usually have a candle lit when I am home. I usually light it as soon as I wake up. I love candlelight even if it's not Candlemas Day.  I probably don't light it as often in the warmer Spring or Summer months I suppose because we are outside a lot and maybe don't spend a lot of time just being home.

Tomorrow I will make sure I light my candle(s). Maybe you want to light one too when you are or get home. It's nice to walk by and see "the light".


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