Monday, February 27, 2012

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This time last week I was on a coach bus on my way to the Grand Canyon. I don't think anything you could have heard about it or the many pictures you have ever seen can prepare you for the awesomeness of it. I am terrified of heights. So the GC probably was not the best place for me to go, but it's something I think everyone should see if given the chance. I know my boys thought it was amazing. Once I got over (kinda) my initial fear (for some reason I thought there were railings...) I could take it all in.

Although I was not nearly as brave as "my men" I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to get as close to "the edge" as I could. I refused to let my fear rob me of my chance to see something amazing.

I was in the process of giving myself a "time out" last week as I often advise to do. (trying to take a little of my own advice for a change) Time out from the "noise", from the nonsense. Time out to remember who I am and what I think, without let's say outside influences. Traveling 2000+ miles is as good a way as any to accomplish that. Mayberry is a speck in relation to the Grand Canyon to say the least.

One good thing for me about writing a blog is the that it reminds me to take notice. Stop and look around if not only for something to blog about, not that you could help to stop and look around while climbing around the Grand Canyon.

Besides the great experience, awesome pictures and family time, I had a chance to really think while I sat (very firmly) on the that rock that let me nervously comfortably see the Colorado River that ran 4000 feet below me.

What I really took from the Grand Canyon was:

* As always I learn from my children. When you get an experience, get the most out of it. Climb to the highest point you can so you don't miss a thing. Don't let fear hold you back.

* There's so much more out there than the "bubble" I live in.

* Something that can make you feel so small at the same time can make you feel so filled with wonder and amazement.

* When you get an opportunity to be, take it. Listen to that voice that tells you to slow down. Let the "quiet" in, it can speak volumes.

This is a Joshua Tree. Nothing like any tree I have in my yard here in Mayberry that's for sure. Every branch on the tree signifies 10 years. Some of these trees are 200+ years old, the oldest one on record was 1000 years old!  They just stand there in the desert and grow. I don't know if you would say they were beautiful, maybe. But they don't care. They grow forever, in the arid, dry boiling hot desert. In the midst of war, economic messes, crime in a world that sometimes seems to be going to hell in hand basket, there in the Mojave Desert they "bloom where they are planted". They don't care if it's hot as hell during the day or cold as all get out at night. They don't care if they aren't as beautiful as a maple tree in Autumn. They are Joshua Trees and they are supposed to grow where they do and look how they do. Steady, without listening to the "noise" around them. One can learn a lot from a tree.  


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