Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Sobbing

I am sitting in front of my TV sobbing.  Sobbing for kids I don't know, for Moms whose hearts are broken, for teenagers who just grew up.  Sobbing for my own kids that this is what we live with now.  Another shooting.  This time in Ohio, a place my son just spent a week in with friends. The state I went to college in.  The middle of the country - with wide open spaces and great cities.

Every time there is a school shooting I think - what could make a kid do this? I think about the book "We need to Talk about Kevin" a very distrubing book club read about a high school shooting.  I think about the parents of the shooter - what went wrong? I think about dropping off my own kids at school and thinking are they safe?

What is wong with this world? It seems violence is everywhere and there is no attempt to stop it.  We show our kids that when countries do things we deem wrong, we go to war.  We bomb them and kill their civilians and play big brother by protecting the world.  We burn their books and piss on their dead - so they retaliate by killing our troops and targeting our coutnry.  Why can't we each just look out for our own? Protect our jobs, our kids, our livlihoods? Is it selfish to ignore the rest of the world for awhile and just take care of what is happening right here at home.  To fx our own problems and let everyone else worry about theirs?

Today I pray for the families in Ohio.  For the moms who got to hug their kids as they rushed to school to pick them up, for the moms whose kids will be buried this week and for the mom of the shooter.  I pray for all of us - that somehow we can clean the mess we live in up.


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