Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PostHeaderIcon 7 Qualities of Women You Want To Be Around...

"They are authentic and don't need you
to lie to them to feed their egos"

It's a relief really to be around women like that. When someone is truly authentic, to easy to be who you are then too.

I say it's a relief because, let's face it we all know or have known women who are not authentic. They are always trying to be someone they are not. They present to the world a mask that hides who they really are. Whether that comes from insecurity or insanity is up for discussion.

Those women are somewhat stressful to be around. You know they are fake. You know they are trying way to hard. Although I never really thought about it before, it kinda makes my skin crawl.

It makes me uncomfortable. I find myself guarding what I say, either because I don't want to be judged or I don't want to hurt their feelings and blow their cover. I sometimes find myself getting sucked into the charade and lose part of myself.

I suppose that's why I say it's a relief. When you can be honest and not just agree to save feelings (not being a meanie mind you) or so they will feel better about themselves it's so easy to be around them.

I recently had a friend share something painful that's been going on in her life. She didn't have to tell me a darn thing. Really it was none of my business. But the fact that she is so comfortable around me to be her authentic and at the moment broken self, speaks volumes about her authenticity and mine. She knew if she asked me what I thought I was going to tell her. I wasn't going to judge her. She's my friend and that's assumed. And I didn't have to tell her just what I thought she wanted to hear. And it was ok to maybe give her my take on things and maybe a different point of view to consider. She is definitely someone I want to be around.

I have given birth to enough egos that I feed on a daily basis. I don't need any more. I'm good.


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