Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: time crunch

We all wish for more time. We all want to know where it goes. Sometimes it might be just an hour goes by and we look up at the clock and wonder what happened. The weekends seem to disappear in a whirlwind of activities.

Tomorrow I will look at the calendar and think where did the time go as my boy celebrates his 16th birthday. He will take his drivers permit test and that will open the door to a new kind of freedom. I think back to when I found out I was pregnant (it took awhile) to when I shared the news with my husband (after I almost drowned on a white water rafting trip in Zimbabwe), to all the preparations made to welcome this baby into our lives. This baby boy who has bought me so much joy and angry moments and grey hairs. This boy who was 7 pounds at birth and is now (almost) eye to eye with me. I think about our first 2 years together when he was an "only" child before his sister came along. I have such distinct pictures in my mind of him when he had roto virus at 9 months old and was so sick he couldn't lift his head. When he went to pre-school and was so happy to be there. His third birthday in South Africa where we rented out a farm and had such a great party. Moving to the US with this small boy who spoke Zulu, had a British accent and quickly lost it as he became Americanized. So many memories that often get lost in the day to day shuffle. This boy who squeezes my heart until I think I have nothing left, who infuriates me and makes me unbelievably proud. I think about how much has whizzed by in the past 16 years and I also see select moments in slow motion.

Somehow 16 has become a pivotal number in our kids lives. I really don't know the history to sweet (or sour) 16. I know that tomorrow I will get him out of school after his chem test. We will go to DMV. We will go to lunch at the poshest restaurant in town. We will have the relatives for dinner and celebrate the last 16 years. He has so much to look forward to - and me? I am feeling old. I will try to hold onto tomorrow as one of those slow motion moments. To savor a day when I have him all to myself. To let him know how much he is loved. Happy Birthday Boy.

Cara's two cents: Happy birthday to the Boy. 16...where does the time go. Permit? Another teenage driver in Mayberry? thanks for the warning! :D


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