Thursday, March 29, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: The Company You Keep

Today I "unsubscribed" to the Vera Bradley website. I just feel this is a company I can no longer support. I have a few bags as do my daughters but I am not buying another. A few years ago I heard that their products were no longer manufactured in the US but they had outsourced most of their business to China, like many companies do. I know it's all about the bottom line. I get that - it's the American way - make as much money as possible and don't worry about supporting your country. Support everyone else but don't think twice about keeping dollars here in the good old USA. Whatever. It's what we've become. What made me unsubscribe however was not the outsourcing but the lack of customer service. A backpack my daughter got in September has already broken - 6 months of use & finished. The zippers broke on the main compartment. When I contacted VB - I was told they have no warranty policy & try a local tailor to have fixed. I am used to dealing with Coach - if something breaks - they will replace or repair it even if 20 years has gone by. I don't expect that with every company but when over $100 is spent on a backpack, a years worth of reliability would be nice.

Buying things made in the USA is not easy. Although not obsessed, I do try to buy clothes and goods made here. Sure it costs more but it also helps someone keep their job & it's worth a little extra money. I am not going to buy things because they aren't made here but if possible I try to go local.

Tonight I am going to support my local High School by going to the school play. It's not Broadway, I don't know any of the kids this year - but they always put on a good show. It exposes my kids to theater and it's good for the community. Who knows? Maybe one of those kids up on that stage tonight will end up on TV or Broadway & I can say I saw you at IHS back in '12.


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