Friday, March 9, 2012

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Authentic - adjective; not false or copied; genuine; real

I prefer authentic, thank you. "What you see is what you get"....

One thing I know for sure about my family unit of five is that we are authentic. What you see is what you get. The way we are at home when the porch light is on and the doors are locked for the night is the same way we act when we walk out that front door in the morning. This could maybe be perceived as a good or a bad thing. I guess that would depend on if you appreciated our authenticity or not. 

I truly prefer an authentic person. Even if I don't particularly appreciate them so much. I have a family-in-law person I detest. But the fact that they are authentically a direct descendant of Satan is easier for me to swallow than the one that may smile in my face and stab me in my back.

We can't necessarily let it "all hang out" all the time. But I don't think that's not being authentic. That's just not being gross or rude.

For example, I may have been known to swear like a sailor on occasion. Not something that I am particularly proud of...but it is what it is. But when I am running my PTA meeting I don't drop f-bombs. That's just being polite.

But those who present a completely different face to the world, but when they lock the door on the asylum they live in, and become their ugly authentic selves...well...ew. Kinda like "marizpan frosting on a sardine" (another quote I adore!), pretty on the outside but stinks on the inside.

I like authentic. Good or bad. At least I can make my own decisions like if I want to invite you over for a BBQ or drop kick you to Mars. At least I know I am getting what I see. Keep it real.


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