Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Ladies Who Lunch

We are. Not everyday. Not every week even. But we do make an effort a few times a month to "do lunch" or breakfast. We do like to go out at night with husbands for dinner or the local Mayberry watering hole. But having breakfast with the ladies or lunch with just one friend is the time to catch up. Time to talk about the "stuff" that's going on, catch up on kids, and girl things. No holds barred, no looking over your shoulder (ok unless you are in the diner) just girl talk.

We have wanted to do the "Ladies who Lunch" topic for awhile. I decided to start today. Today we met a friend at the new "Hometown Cafe" located in East Islip (just east of Mayberry) for breakfast. 

The gals from the popular Mayberry luncheonette opened their own place where the old Meson Ole once stood. As much as I am glad to have another place to lunch I am sad that my favorite restaurant closed.

We were greeted by the old familiar faces from the old luncheonette. They were happy to see us!  And of couse took our orders without writing it down and if we had had one particular waitress (now owner) she would have remembered our usuals. I am always amazed at that. They never write down what you want but memorize it. I could never do that.

I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. When it was served it didn't have the bacon on it, which was ok because one, I could live without the bacon and two, I didn't remember if I actually said bacon when I ordered. (hence the reason why I would need a pad and pencil had I been taking the orders...I can't even remember what I ordered!)

But our waitress remembered when she passed by and saw I didnt have bacon on my sandwich (oh so I did say bacon!!!) and hurried to get me some slices to put on.

Coffee was good, service was excellent. I will miss those gals at walking distance, not sure if I will go into the old place for breakfast anymore. I suppose we could go walk to the new place if we were feeling particularly ambitious. (hmm then maybe we could order something fattening since we will walk it off??)

New place is very pretty with new wood working on walls and a nice new bar. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And have a liquor license so you could just go for a drink if you want at night.

We will be back for lunch and dinner. I wish them all the best...and yay for us that we have a new place to "lunch"!


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