Friday, March 30, 2012

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Kid - noun, verb, (kid·ded, kid·ding) adjective, noun
1. Informal . a child or young person.
2. (used as a familiar form of address.)
3. a young goat

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Duh. We all know what a kid is. Number three just made me lol. It has occured to me there's not one hour of the day I am not thinking about or doing something for or because of one of my kids.

Is that normal? Am I nuts? I don't know. Most conversations hubby and I have are about them. And if they are not, they are interrupted by one of them. (usually the short one)

The adult night out last week was because of them. The cool stuff I won at the chinese auction ended up being for them, for crying out loud.

Makes me wonder what's to come when they all don't need me anymore. Will I know what to talk about? Will I have anything to talk about?

Maybe that's what those days of solitude are there figure it all out.


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