Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Food. It's one of those love/hate relationships. I love food - I hate the pounds it packs on.  I love to cook - I hate to clean up.  I am an explosive cook - there are always lots of pots and pans and spoons and knives involved when I cook.  I don't clean as I cook like some do - I leave it all until I am done and dinner is served.  Hubby likes to point out my mess to me - but listen, if it tastes good who cares how much of a mess I made.  I also don't like all the planning involved.  Everyone's schedule is different - so I need to plan meals that can be eaten at different times and still taste good after sitting around.

Food is always in the news.  How to loose the pounds, eat healthier, eat what you want, go with Jenny, go with points, look at Mariah or Valerie or that chick from American Idol.  For a country that is continually dubbed unhealthy and obese, we sure get hit over the head day after day with food. Today's big study, from Harvard, said too much red meat may cause heart disease and an early death.  I was listening to the radio this morning and the host was saying something about the average American eating 4 servings of meat per day.  4 servings? a day? I was trying to figure out how someone eats that much meat - but its not hard.  Bacon and sausage with breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a steak or burger for dinner.  I am not a red meat eater.  I will eat it on occasion, but I prefer pasta or chicken.  My girls agree with me but I have two men in the house who want their meat and potatoes. I serve red meat about twice a week.  I have recently started to cook more vegetarian meals - which my son hates - one daughter loves and one won't even try it. It's hard to sort through all the mixed messages we get on a daily basis.  We all know what is good for us.  Fruits & Veggies.  We all know we probably don't consume enough of either.  We all know what we need to do about it.  Here is the problem - its easier to be unhealthy.  Processed food is easier - its also cheaper.  Organic foods and veggies are expensive. A plant based diet is hard to live with.  Meat is bad, carbs are bad, fat is bad, sugar is bad, Fish has too much mercury- there never seems to be good food news in the news. What are we left with?

The bottom line is we have to sort through all that information and advice and books and news stories and figure out what works for us and our family.  Eating healthy shouldn't require a PHD.  Everything in moderation - end of story.


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