Friday, April 6, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday's Word of the Week

1.The act or an instance of instructing; teaching.
2. An experience, example, or observation that imparts beneficial new knowledge or wisdom.
3. The knowledge or wisdom so acquired.

Lessons are still learned I think anyway,  for us adults in everyday life whether we are paying attention or not. If you think back to your week, everything thing you did and it's result could be a lesson learned.

We spend a lot of time as parents, teaching lessons to our children, an exhausting amount most of the time.

School comes first. Honor your commitments. Do the right thing. Do your best. Be a good friend. And so on.

Sometimes because we always have their best interest at heart and from being on the outside looking in, know what they should be doing, and what they need to do to achieve what they want and need.

One of my chicks made me so proud this week by being brave, confident and using the advice his parents pounded  instilled in him and acheived what he set out to do. And even went on to show us that loyalty, respect and doing what he felt was the right thing were all factors in making his decision. Wow. Score one for mom and dad.

But as I take a step back and I apply that to my own choices that lay before me? Do I take my own advice? I should. I give good advice sometimes. Am I smart enough to realize that there's a lesson for me to be learned here as well?

Think about your own kids and what went on in their lives this week...big or small. How did they handle it? Well? You can pat yourself on the back for that. But what can they teach you? Something I'm sure.

Can this little boy who can be the beat of my heart and the bane of my existance simultaneously, teach me the lessons I need to know?

I think he can.


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