Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Here comes Peter Cottontail...

And he's kinda on my last nerve....

Dear E. Bunny,

What's a mom to do? I am all about helping you on Easter. I have been doing for 19 years. (yikes!) But it seems I got nothing this year. No great ideas. Nothing up my sleeve.

Will we dismiss the fact that the lady in store #2 today me told me I was nuts for still even putting out a basket for someone who drives a car. (Obviously an orangutan or she is must be "new". ) But really what the heck does a rabbit put in a basket for a person who is knocking at the door of her 20's, who just went to Italy for 8 days, gets money wired into her bank account when needed and really requires not much more?

While we're at it...what do you put in a basket for someone taller than you E. Bunny? Who shaves, drives and has a deep voice?

Or someone who has crossed over the the dark side this year...keeps calling ME the Easter Bunny and wants for nothing?

I browsed around Target reminiscing about the days when you filled those baskets with ease...bubbles, coloring books, pool toys, sidewalk chalk...easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Coming up with something good is hard. I managed to pull it off OK, that's after I did a double take at the register when she totaled my order. I spent WHAT? Ugh.

I must admit I have slacked a little this year with the whole Easter thing. Maybe because I am not having it this year or going away anywhere. I only bought my egg coloring stuff yesterday. I usually have it right after Valentines day (heaven forbid they should run out) So if I am being honest I haven't been giving the baskets a lot of thought.

I got your back this year...but a nice vacation somewhere warm, with umbrella topped beverages may be a better plan. Just sayin'.

P.S. I don't care what that lady said about the baskets. She don't know anything. There will always be empty baskets waiting to be filled. Dyed eggs in a bowl and chocolate bunnies to be eaten for breakfast. Even if it all makes me a little cranky the days before.

E. Bunny's #1 Helper


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