Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Calgon Take Me Away

Remember that old calgon commercial?  Things would get rough and the mom would say "Calgon take me away" and be instantly transported to some tropical bathtub where there is nothing going on but bubbles and relaxing?  The kids, the madness, it all disappeared.  If only it worked that way, I would keep a stockpile of Calgon in the linen closet - I don't even know if they still make that product - but I do know when I am having a rough day, I need someone or something to take me anywhere but here.

This morning was a rough morning.  My 9 year old has suddenly decided that not getting out of bed or talking back are perfectly acceptable behaviors.  She will learn that won't fly when I put her to bed tonight at 7.  It will be almost as tough on me as on her tonight.  It means rearranging my schedule to be home to put her to bed. It means dragging her around with me this afternoon. It means being on her like white on rice - which we both won't like.  Hopefully it will mean better behavior tomorrow.

Being a parent is tough work. Sticking to your guns even tougher.  I tend to give in - to shorten punishments - to try to see the good being done and forget the bad.  Not today.  Not this week.  I am on my way out to Easter shop - don't piss me off before a holiday or you will find that basket is not overflowing like it would have been a week ago.  At Christmas the same child sent me over the edge - and I returned a bunch of her presents.  She still got most of what she asked for - but all the extras went back.  I am thinking her Easter basket may be a little less full this year.

Calgon take me away!


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