Friday, April 27, 2012

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1:engaged in action, occupied, being in use;
  2:full of activity;
3: foolishly or intrusively active;
4: full of distracting detail

Yup. All of the above. I know we are all busy, but is it just me or do some days get to you? I should not even be here typing this blog as I have 9 million things to prepare for the this week that has just exploded off my calendar. Let's just say there's no room to write one more thing in either box.

A friend put a funny pic on Facebook yesterday about what a husband came home to find after he asked his wife the day before "what do you DO all day?" That day she didn't do it and he found this:

But ain't that the truth? I have come to terms that it will never end. I don't even think after my kids are all grown and out of the house I won't be busy. I think I will always find stuff to keep me busy. I mean now on top of what keeps me busy that I have no control of I throw in PTA, blogging, sports etc. etc. etc....

My bff and I needed to talk we had been trying to find time for almost two weeks. We ended up in a diner halfway between our homes, til midnight on a Wednesday. That's the only time we had. And still we freaked when we realized how late it was and in six hours we had to wake up and start all over again...!!!!!

I need to take my own advice and breathe at some point this weekend. But now I have to shower, pack, clean run errands....probably all while holding my breath!!!! Hope you have a second to breathe this weeekend...something tells me you won't either!!!

OH MY!!! As I posted this I realized its our 1000th post!!! Holy Moly! No wonder we have no time...apparently we have A LOT to say!!!!! Thanks for visiting as always!!!! Now that I think about it our blog-versary passed and we didnt even realize it! Is it three years we are doing this?? Can it be?


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