Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara 7 Qualities of Women You Want to Be Around (7/7)

"They trust you so fully you feel compelled to meet their expectations.
 Consequently, they make you feel like a better person than you normally are."

Trust. Trust is huge for me. That's what stands out to me in this last "QOWYWTBA".

If I can't trust you we're done. If I feel from the get go that you aren't trustworthy then we aren't even starting. I have been known to give people the benefit of the doubt at the start. I mean I don't go blabbing my innermost thoughts to strangers or new people I meet, but sometimes trust is understood. As in "what's being said can't leave this room".

Of course with certain friends...women there are levels of trust. I am not Pollyanna who is going to tell the new person I met something personal or something I don't want shared with the world, and be crushed when they blab.

On the flip side when I hear my words, words said in trust where trust was what I thought a mutual assumption, come out of someone else's mouth then yes, I am crushed.

Maybe in the past crushed to a point that I didn't want to trust anyone else. I didn't want to set myself up again. But really that's not who I am.

I make myself remember the list longer than I can count on two hands of women I do trust. The women who I know trust me. Trust me to do the right thing. Trust me enough to confide in me. Trust me to have their back. And I am compelled to meet their expectations, because I know that expectation is mutual.

Trustworthiness is a good quality to have. I will have to always remember that.


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