Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Today I am feeling lucky. Blessed Fortunate. Good. Happy even.

Today I got to wake up my grumpy children. Make sure they got out of bed and dressed. I got to drive them to school and tell each one of them to have a lovely day. I got to listen to them grumble and ask me why I am so happy. I got to hear a few snippy remarks about their desires to not go to school. It's all good.

Today I watched two parents on tv plead for the return of their 6 year old daughter Isa. I don't know how they did it. I would have to be put in a straight jacket if my child was missing. There would be no television appearances. I i don't know if I would be able to form a coherent thought.

My children accuse me of being over protective. Lu and I are arguing over the fact that she can't read teen vogue or seventeen magazine - she's 9. "All" her friends read it. My answer is always the same - if one of her friends families wants to take her in, I'll sign the papers. I am sure many of those fiends parents aren't really looking at these magazines or reading the articles. The headlines scream about faking teen pregnancy or smoking pot. Things she doesn't need to know about yet.

Yesterday I took her bathing suit shopping. We found a suit - she didn't try it on - I purchased a size M or a 7/8 - never even thinking that's not her size anymore. She's turning 10 in a few weeks. She wears a size 12. I guess my brain still thinks of her as my baby - she doesnt look 10 to me.

Somedays my kids make me mad. They might leave muddy shoes out or clothes on the floor or books strewn everywhere. Today I will not get mad - today I will just appreciate that they are here. That they are healthy. That they a mine and I am one very lucky mom.


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