Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Cara is addicted to Pinterest.  She has tried to share her addiction with me.  I have to say my enthusiasm does not come even close to hers.  I have tried searching & looking at popular pins.  I am following all my FB friends who pin. I see some great ideas but often when I click to get more info all I get is an advertisement for an insurance company or another web site.  It seems as if many of these pins are just lures to get you to a place you didn't want to go.  Some are legitimate - they take you to the original web page - much of the time I get a "no longer available" message - which is frustrating.

The good thing about Pinterest is it let's you see how crafty people can be.  It can inspire new ideas.  It makes me feel bad that my house doesn't  look like those in the home section - I don't think it ever could - even with all that inspiration.  

I am a crafty (gasp) kind of girl.  I don't admit it publicly that often - I may have even admitted it before on this blog.  I like to make things for my girls.  I like to paint & repurpose furniture.  I love making hair bows. I like to make things look pretty.  I love fabric.  Often I am limited in time & money to do all I really want. I was trying to post a picture of my latest hair bows made for ballerina but alas blogger wanted me to download a google app & then I had to agree to make all my google info public (which makes me nervous).  I blog from my iPad - my computer is OLD (8 years) & SLOW & frustrates the hell out of  me.  So no picture of my bows today.  

I don't think Pinterest will ever hook me like it has Cara but hey you never know... Even crafty girls run out of ideas.

Cara's two cents: First of all you are doing something wrong. I dont get all that advertising etc. that you do. I need to give you a lesson. Second, yes I am addicted to it, I made awesome enchiladas ala Pinterest last night that I will share here in Thursday. And I'm not sure if I will live long enough to actually do all the stuff I have pinned. No, I know I won't. Although I am currently obsessed with it I am realistic. Now about those monogrammed pumpkins you emailed me.....


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