Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Today my children headed back to school.  No one was reluctant to go.  I think they were all looking forward  to getting back to a routine.  To seeing their friends everyday.  To having something to do.  Summer is a wonderful time to unwind - but those last few days become a whirlwind of things-we-need-to-do-before- summer-ends. There is school shopping & parties & just savoring the last few days before schedules are packed & lunches and dinners need to be planned & everyone needs to be somewhere different at the same time.  

My kids think I am jumping up & down when they leave for school but they couldn't be more wrong. 
The house is too quiet, the puppy is searching for her playmates, there is nothing to do but work... Summer let's you out of the household routine for a bit but back-to-school pulls your m right back into it. I miss my kids.

This morning I had breakfast with friends. There were lots of moms there all celebrating the return to school.  We showed each other the first day of ______ photos - everything from kindergarteners to seniors in High School & most grades in between.  It was a lovely morning & a bittersweet one.  Time doesn't stop for any of us & seeing everyones kids  growing is such a bold reminder that we are all getting older.  

Hubby called to check in on me today.  He knows everything revolves around the kids & though some days I may seem frustrated with them - all I want is for them to be happy - and that's all hubby wants for me.  It's going to take a week or two for me & the puppy need to get used to the quiet again...I'm sure we will. 


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