Thursday, September 27, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: A plateful

I have talked about full plates before, also how I hate that summer has to end.

I don't think I really hate summer ending. I love fall. I think how quickly summer ends is what I hate.

It's like one weekend we are sitting by the pool on a Sunday taking the sun, BBQing and hanging out. The next weekend the pool cover is on and we are sitting at the Mayberry youth football game. It's like BAM! Seems to happen over night. I hate that.

I had wanted to sneak away one day and get a last beach day in with my girlfriends, didn't happen (maybe an Indian summer day in the near future fingers crossed). I wanted to make some lunch dates with different friends. (working on it) I want to take my closet apart and put my summer stuff away. (I'll get to it) So what the hell have I been doing?

Everything I guess. I pretty much go to bed at 9:00 every week night if I am not at the 7 millionth meeting of the month. Football most certainly takes over the house from 2 practices a week, a game on the weekend (what time is anyone's guess) and football games on TV and don't forget all the food, hoopla and company that comes with that.

The busy-ness is kicking my butt. Our life is logistical nightmare. Most people I know have the same issues. Everyone has to be somewhere at the same time. Jenn mentioned not having dinner as a family in months. This craziness goes on for months now. It goes right through the holidays, which are almost upon us as my friend keep reminding me about on Facebook. I try to plan everyday. I make a plan, sometimes life listens to me but more often than not it does what the hell it dam wants.

I wanted to make chicken pot pie the other night. But who was coming home late from practice, who needed to go practice and not be home 'til dark, who flew in from work did his best "Superman" change and flew back out to coach football. Grrr. So came up with this:
Individual Chicken Pot Pies. This one was "marked" for my football player cause he doesn't like peas (life doing what it wants) he ate first. Pop another one in the oven at 6:30 for my runner, who then decided he was going to the Mayberry burrito joint with his friends so could he take a rain check? (life again). I ate alone watching reality TV on the couch (that was actually fine) and Hubby came home and ate two. So everyone ate in shifts. I hate that. But what can you do? Better than stopping at McDonald's I suppose.
I know it's never gonna slow down. I will try and get more sleep, keep planning. Just keep swimming. :)


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