Thursday, February 28, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Food again?

Yes. What the obsession is lately I do not know. Maybe it's the  weather and the fact that being outside is really not an option and being inside with damn Pinterest and my kitchen staring at me causes me to cook too many (damn good may I add) things. 

Really though. Who am I fooling? Food is a HUGE part of my life. I am pretty sure most of us can say that. It's front and center in every event. Be it a holiday, birthday, getting together with friends (read going out to dinner). That's a good thing I suppose but, it borderlines on obsessive. And all this eating causes me to also obsess about eating right, like Jenn said fruit or no fruit? No carb or a little carb? Dairy or soy? Ugh, can make a girl just reach for a Snickers bar.

This week Diva and I are doing somewhat of a crash diet...3 days on 4 days off, just to jump start the countdown to Spring and actually having to remove my layers of clothes. I really dont want to be stuck with layers of "me" when that winter sweater comes off. Well it's Day 2 and I am not allowed to have coffee. It's 9:19 am and I blew that already. I opened my eyes in bed this morning and immediately the first thing I thought of is how am I getting through this day without coffee? That was at 6:00 a.m. and by 9:19 am I could not take my Kuerig staring at me any longer. 

So I am really thinking that completely depriving myself of what I need want is dumb. Apparently that only works for three hours.

I think we all know what we are "supposed" to eat. But when the next great idea comes along we think well maybe this will be the magic pill. Nope not usually.

Then there's that damn E word. Exercise.  Yes I had to whisper it. Started walking again and I really need a crow bar to get me out of my house. I like to walk and once I am moving I am good. But I can give you 100 excuses why I can't today. As if the only window of time to walk is 9-10:30 am. (I am not exactly sure why I am calling myself out here.) That will always be an issue for me. Having a walking buddy most certainly helps. I would recommend getting one. Right Jenn?

So I know for me no/low carb works, and probably not some crash diet that won't let me have coffee. Although two days into it I do feel better, less "puffy". I haven't stepped on the scale yet. (another thing I really do not enjoy doing) and if it moves a little I will be motivated. If not, I still can't crawl into a hole with a bag of Oreos. (but that does sound nice doesn't it? Big glass of cold milk...ok sorry let me stop)

This food/weight thing has been my struggle forever. And with all the struggles in the world, I guess this is not the end of the world. 

Ok let me go add my "what's for dinner"...grr. Food again.


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