Sunday, March 10, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Scrambled Eggs

Sometimes I feel like scrambled eggs.  Not like eating them but my brains are scrambled.  I wander from one thing to the next, never completing what I set out to do.  My husband thinks I have ADD but I think it just comes with the Mom territorty.  Our kids pull us in so many different directions that we become used to it.  When it's time to go in one direction, it's a challange.  I haven't blogged for two weeks - I meant to- I even went so far as to head to my office on more than one occasion to blog but always got sidetracked.  I can only post from my laptop - the ipad and blogger don't play nicely.  They did for a short while but then they didn't. So in order for me to post I have to head to my office and sit down and think and write and well, blog.  In order for my laptop to work, it has to be plugged in.  It's 8 years old and so slow.  It's frustrating. I will hang up the phone or fold the laundry and think okay going to post now and then poof!  that thought is gone  and I have been distracted by a text or beeping dryer or crying dog...anything really.  So it's Sunday night - and I realized I hadn't blogged lately and here I am - I hope to get back here again on Thursday but you never know... the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the eggs - well they are burning - crap - gotta go...


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