Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Great job!

That's what my doctor said to me this morning. After a not so good check up back in March, I really needed to make some changes in my diet. I did and it paid off big. Which is great and gives me incentive to keep going in the right direction...I need to get my HDL level up and that's by more exercise he tells me. Yuck.

But what struck me as I sat there in the exam room talking to him was two things.

One, how I took my health for granted. I am good with the gyno checkups but regular checkups not so much. Really not at all. But a thyroid condition last year, and bad blood results this year really made me stop and rethink my plan, or lack thereof. I was a little surprised how happy and relieved I was when he read my chart and was so happy with the results himself. I am always so good (as is with most moms I know) with getting my kids to the doctor and checked up and immunized etc. But never really did what I was supposed to for me. Maybe it's cause we are accountable to school etc. that we have all our ducks in row, and that parenting instinct that says we must do things just so. And maybe because I am not accoutable to anyone if I don't go to the doctor when I am supposed to. Or am I? I think I am to my family. I owe them the best me I can be. And that means physically too. So when he told me "great job Cara!"  I thought "yeah me".

Which brings me to my second thought. "Great job" he said. Which made me feel slightly weird. I am usually the one saying "great job!" to my kids, husband. whomever. As a mom I think we are conditioned to let everyone else know when they did a great job. But we don't really hear it too much.

No one says great job when we do the "transparent" go to work everyday, or mop the floor (no one walks in and says "Wow Cara great job on the floor!" but I am sure there would be fodder for discussion should they walk in and find melted ice cream stuck to the floor), or make dinner or whatever is "expected". I don't even think we think about it. It's not like we are expecting "great job" when we do these things.

I left there a little proud of myself. The nurse said "wow I wish I had a sticker to give you!!" I laughed. But as I walked to my car I thought I wouldn't have minded getting that sticker.


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