Monday, February 17, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Cara: If I like it then I better put a pin on it.....

It's true. I have a problem. I knew this when I realized as I told my friend Mother Earth, that I have 43 boards and 2,372 (holy crap) pins...she said I have 20. (red flag!)

This Pinterest creator saw me coming a mile away. I will admit I wasn't on it from the get go. At the time I was still cutting lots of stuff outta magazines and keeping them in a folder and another friend said, "you should see a thing called Pinterest you would love it". Right on, sista. That was the beginning of the end.

Pinterest does not take much effort..there's no folders, scissors or mess involved. I usually pin when I am watching TV or if I am particularly looking for something like a recipe. So I guess they add up when you are mindlessly pinning recipes, crafts and funny stuff like this: 
I pinned it. 
But it truly is right up my alley. If I go on my iPad and it's gone or they got rid of it I will probably live after a deep mourning period. So I probably make mention a lot about Pinterest and stuff I have gotten from there. A clue would be when I make something new, and someone undoubtedly says "Whatcha get this off of Pinterest?" (smart-asses) Sometimes I pin stuff think it's cool and it ends up being dumb yet it still does not deter me.

And the fact that I can make virtual bulletin boards is a beautiful thing. 'Cause honestly someday my dream is to have a home office big enough to have a huge gilded framed bulletin board on the wall. Something like this but MUCH bigger.
                                      Dream big. I know.

In keeping with what always seems to be our winter theme I saw this on Pinterest as I created my 42nd board "Organizing" and I decided it was for me.

I had been using the one binder with folders for everything for awhile now. It worked OK for me. Except "people" would remove their folders...and then I had a gigantic binder and folders everywhere taking up prime real estate on a shelf in the kitchen. And I for some reason made some dumb folders that I never used. So I did this with my own "themed" (this isnt my pic) binders. Yes it takes up room. But I am on my home office quest and this will fit just fine on a shelf in there next to my gilded bulletin board. So once I get my hole puncher and shelves and other office like things that are in one end of the house to the other(thank goodness for the wireless printer!!) it should work out lovely. I mean right after I made them I easily found Shorty's copy of his "immunization-records-that-I-needed-for-summer-camp-that-I-have-to -think-about-in-a-snowstorm-and-that-annoys-the-hell-outta -me", without having to dig through files for it. 

I made these bread sticks the other day when my bff's came over for lunch...

One wanted me to post the recipe so here it is hot off my "Pinned it Did It" board. (did I mention that I love arranging my boards and organizing them so I can find what I pinned easier when I go back to look for it? (sick,sick,sick)

So if you are not into pinning then check back here from time to time I may have pinned something for you. ;) 

You're welcome.


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